Friday, September 5, 2008

Another Long Lost Rare Issue Found - Inspirations #33

Just this morning we received an email from Country Bumpkin in Australia saying they had found some 'long lost issues'. One of the lost ones was Inspirations issue #33. They tout it as a very rare issue and are selling theirs for $60 each. with some other rare issues, we have several on hand and can offer them to you for just $8 + $2 shipping. If you combine this with one of our other special book/magazine offers listed on this blog June 11th, entitled "Deep Discounts" (scroll down), we'll offer free shipping.
Included in this issue:
The highly acclaimed Camel Rug - real winner!
a lingerie bag with roses
a hand towel
an embroidered woolen tea cosy
embroidered wool blanket
Swiss voile gown
designs for little boys
a tote bag
two embroidered garland boxes

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