Monday, October 17, 2016

"Home Sweet Home" book is back!

Look what is back! Carolyn Pearce's "Home Sweet Home" sold out a couple of years ago, but has been re-printed and is once again available. Here's the link:


Mary Kezer said...

What Happened??? As soon as I saw Mary Corbet's post on Needlenthread about the re-issue of Carolyn Pearce's Home Sweet Home book I rushed to buy it to only be told today they are out of stock. My order was canceled. Will you be getting any more? When Mary posted about it last year I waited and then they were all gone. Will they come back in stock? I hope so. Thank you, Mary Kezer

The Wooly Thread said...

I sold about 30 copies the day she put out her blog post. I'm trying to get more but Inspirations has plenty if you want to order from them.

The Wooly Thread said...

Just got some more. They are on my website.