Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Talliaferro's newest

Here is a great reviewby Mary Corbet of Talliaferro's newest design - La Serenissima. We profiled this project in our most recent newsletter, but this is a very detailed review you might enjoy if you are on the fence about purchasing this pattern.


Catherine Kyngdon said...

Hi there

I'd like to purchase just the Heathway threads for Talliaferro's La Serenissima piece as I already ordered the chart from Talliaferro.

When I tried to order the thread pack, it came up that with the chart included.

Could you contact me about how to purchase the thread pack, please?

Kind regards
Catherine Kyngdon

The Wooly Thread said...

Right now I'm only selling the Heathway threads paired with the pattern, but will be posting a separate listing for just the threads in the next day or two. The threads are also available at Tristan Brooks.