Friday, November 8, 2013

Ottobre Pricing

On a somewhat less cheery note :( .... Ottobre has just announced that they will implement a price increase starting January 1st. It will come to about 9.6% more than the current prices. So, if you'd like to renew - even if you are not quite yet due to renew - you may do so before the end of the year and lock in the current price. More details will be in our next newsletter.


Mel said...

Do you have stock of this years issues? Will those be at the current price for a while? I didn't renew so want to catch up on 2/13 - 6/13 once I renew my sub.

Mel said...
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The Wooly Thread said...

All prices remain as they are until the new year. The best way to get the missed issues would be to renew your subscription now at the lower price and order the few back issues you missed. As a current subscriber, you get back issues at a reduced price.