Monday, October 7, 2013

OTTOBRE Design Winter Issue

Here's a little more about you'll find in this soon-to-be-released winter issue. The issues with underwear are always very popular and this is one of those issues.
WINTER KIDS When winter winds are blowing, wool keeps you nice and warm! Lovely jackets sewn from wool knits and fuzzy faux fur, and an ultra-warm fleece hoodie. Comfortable pants and tops plus special-occasion dresses for young children. A much-requested lovely tulle skirt. SCANDINAVIAN BABIES Baby clothes in the casual, uncomplicated Scandinavian style. A jersey dress, a bodysuit and a coverall made with colorful organic-cotton knits and including sizes for newborns. Pants, a bonnet hat and a sleep sack sewn from the season's softest sweatshirt knits. JUST A LITTLE SMARTER THAN CASUAL Older children dress up for special occasions in a casual style. A bold cardigan and a denim shirt for boys. A frilled top, a skirt, a blazer and a patchwork jersey dress for girls. WAKE UP BEFORE YOU GO! Comfortable underwear from soft organic-cotton jersey, including long johns, leggings, T-shirts, camisoles and panties. Sizes for all children, ranging from toddlers to teenagers. Sizes 92-170 cm

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