Thursday, February 2, 2012

Home Sweet Home kits

We finally have some information for you about the kits for the new Home Sweet Home project book by Country Bumpkin. Here is what they have to say:

We have finished pricing up the kit. Thank you for your patience.
The kit contains fabric (external fabric not lining fabric), Threads for Embroidery and Beads. It does not include any cardboard or charms etc.
The kits are expensive to put together as a result we have a set a retail price at AU$380.00 ($407 US dollars)per kit.

Available from the 1st March.

We are also offering a 10 month subscription to the kit. When people subscribe to the kit, each month they get one project towards making up the kit. The monthly price is AU$44.95 ($48 US dollars). This is only offered directly through Country Bumpkin, so if your customers don’t want to pay for the kit up front you can direct them to contact us if they are interested in the subscription kit. If there is interest in the subscription kit they have to subscribe before the 1st of March, otherwise they will miss out.

So, that is it - if anyone is interested in purchasing the kit, let us know. If we can get 20 committed to the kit, I'll import them and that will cut down the shipping costs.

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