Tuesday, February 7, 2012

AS&E Magazine - ALERT !

Here's the information we received from Country Bumpkin yesterday:

After careful consideration Country Bumpkin Publications has made the extremely difficult decision to discontinue publishing Australian Smocking & Embroidery magazine. The final issue of this publication will be issue 100 which is due for release on the 29th August 2012.

Issue 100 will be a collectors issue with ‘best of’ articles, a history of Country Bumpkin and articles from both Susan O’Connor and Margie Bauer, Country Bumpkin’s original founder.

No on subscribing through us will lose any money paid for her subscription. If you have a current sub and want to renew, so you can get this final issue, it will run through the final issue #100 and the price will be adjusted accordingly. If you already have a subscription which extends past issue 100, you will be refunded for any issues not sent.

If you want this special final issue and don't have a subscription, please let us know as soon as you can, so we try to get one for everyone who wants it.

If you have any questions, just let us know.
We greatly appreciate the 'heads up' from Country Bumpkin with 3 issues still left before ceasing publication.


Kathy said...

Such a pity that they don't have enough of a subscription base to keep this magazine going. It's always so beautifully done.

june said...

I was afraid something like this would happen. I hope their artistry will live on in Inspirations, and hopefully there will be "artists" around the world continuing.

karmski said...

I'm not surprised. After subscribing to both magazines for almost 20 years, I was appalled by the treatment received by the new owner. I had always loved the feel of the company and the beauty and brilliance of the magazines and books. However, untruth after untruth in my dealings over an expensive kit, led me to stop my subscriptions to both magazines. The quality of the printed magazine had already slipped, I imagine due to financial pressures. I don't believe that what led to this point was poor subscription uptake, unfortunately for their long time supporters, it was poor management. It is very sad!

Pam said...

The same thing has happened to many magazines, and the "niche" market ones like those dealing with sewing and the related crafts are among the hardest-hit!

The Malta Observer said...

Always sad when a magazine has to close down. I dont think there is a future for printed magazines anymore.