Thursday, December 15, 2011


Customs just called to tell me our shipment of ASE #97 and the new Home Sweet Home books has cleared and will be delivered here tomorrow. Everything will be in the mail by Monday and on its way to you. The books will go priority mail, so they should get to you by Christmas!!


Glenda said...

Will you be listing it in your shop or how can we order it? (I want to let my hubby know, as it's #1 on my Christmas wish list!)

Also, how much will the price of the book be?

The Wooly Thread said...

It's not on our website because most of the copies we are getting were pre-ordered. You can purchase the book via paypal. Price: $35 +$5postage.

Glenda said...

I sent my hubby my preorder email, which had crossed "in the mail" with my earlier comment here :-). Thanks!