Wednesday, December 21, 2011

100 Ottobre Magazines

We just received an order of 100 Ottobre Design magazines ranging from one of the earliest published 2002 through the most current issue. We don't have every issue in this range, but we do have the vast majority of them. We are offering these issues that we have on hand for just $14 each with free shipping to US and Canadian addresses. What's more, they will be sent directly from here in the US. This offer is not on our website, so contact us if you are interested and we'll let you know if the issue/issues you want are in stock and we'll send it/them right out to you. You do not need a subscription to get this special price and the offer is only good as long as our supply lasts. If you order 3 or more, we'll send them priority mail.
The issue shown is one of the most popular issues ever. It was re-printed after much demand. It is issue 6/2007 - the children's winter issue. We have several of this issue.

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