Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Appleton Dilemma

We have been having a terrible time getting the Appleton colors we need recently. I finally tracked down the problem. It seems that the man who oversees the Appleton dying process died, so there was a break in production. They even closed down production for a short time. They are back at work now, but very backlogged - or so I've been told.
Some colors have been sold out for months. I've been ordering from anywhere I can find so that your orders can be filled.
I've exhausted all US suppliers and have now placed an order from England. It ends up costing more than I charge you, so I needed to find another solution..........and I did.
I'm now ordering the colors we need in hanks and breaking them down into skeins myself. It is very laborious and time consuming, but it will enable me to get you the colors you need for your projects, especially the new Talliaferro designs. Some of the colors needed for that project have also sold out throughout the US.
Your orders may arrive later than expected, but you will get all the colors you need for your projects. The packaging will be a little differnt, but the thread is the same.
Thanks for your understanding and patience.
Also want to say that the newest ASE #95 finally arrived, albeit it a bit late. Those mags are in the mail on their way to those who subscribe or pre-ordered.


june said...

Aren't you clever?! No wonder we like to do business with you. Thanks on behalf of Appleton fans even though I haven't succumbed! We love having you as a source and sourcer.

Anonymous said...

Oh my... Thanks for this information and may he R.I.P.... Blessings to the family as well.

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