Monday, March 21, 2011

Australian Wool Blanket Fabric

We just got some samples of the various wool blanketing fabrics from the mill in Australia we mentioned in our March 3rd posting. We won't be ordering for re-sale, since the exchange rate, shipping charges, and profit margin just don't make it feasible, but we have arranged with the mill in Australia to connect you directly to them so you can get the best price if you want to buy wool blanketing fabric.
They sent us samples to show you if you are interested. If you'd like a sample of wool blanketing in off-white, black, or green, or if you'd like a sample of off- white cashmere velour (on the top in the picture), send us a self-addressed envelope and we'll get it out to you along with contact information on where to order. Our mailing address is: The Wooly Thread, 8850 Coolidge Rd, Yakima, WA 98903.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

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The Wooly Thread said...

The Australian source for wool blanketing fabric is Geelong Blanket Company - Here's the link:
Tell them The Wooly Thread sent you.