Thursday, March 3, 2011

Australian Wool Blanket Fabric

We've been working with a woolen mill in Australia trying to work out some sort of arrangement so we could import the Australian wool blanketing in order to make it available to you. Unfortunately, it just isn't going to work out for us to do that, primarily due to the very high shipping rates. For the quantity we were ordering it would have been more than $25 a yard just for postage.

However..........there is some good news here. Although this is a wholesale company, we've arranged for you to be able to order from them directly, since we couldn't make this deal work out any other way. You can now order wool blanket fabrics from this mill directly. They are the ones who make most of the wool fabrics for Inspirations magazine. They have the cashmere velour, the colored blanketing so often seen in the magazine and a variety of other wool fabrics.

If you are intestested in ordering, let us know and we'll pass along the contact information for you.


coolerNights said...

Informative! I always got new from your blog, your blog contain useful information for the people who wanted to purchase a wool blanket at wholesale rate. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Finally broke down and bought the Flowers for Elizabeth. So love the book!! Now this is the second time I have been on the hunt for this elusive wool blanketing that is suggest. This time in my hunt I found this post! and I I believe this will be the second time you have come to my rescue for a hard to find object in America. Would you be able to let me know who this wool distributor is?

The Wooly Thread said...

Australian Wool blanket supplier is Geelong Blanket Company -

3rar1971 said...


Just found this blog - I have been looking for a source of wool blanket fabric and found your post. Could you please share the link with me.

Thank You

The Wooly Thread said...

The link is in the post above your -