Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Twelfth and Final Day

This is the 12th and last day of our "Deal of the Day" event. Today we are closing out with our Appleton Club. Sign up for our Appleton Crewel Club, in which you get all the 421 colors over the course of a year, and get the last month free. In the Appleton Club you already get a 20% discount over the regular price and that includes free shipping to US and Canadian addresses. With this Deal of the Day you get another 8.5% discount by getting the last month free.
If you use Appleton crewel, this is the deal for you. We've been running the club for almost 5 years now and will keep it going for years to come. There is also an option to get all the colors at once, which gives you $100 off the total price of buying the skeins individually and again there is free shipping. If you want that option, today only, we'll also give you an additional 10% off as our alternate Deal of the Day. Check our website for more details, but the promotion is not there, you must mention it to get it.

In closing out our Deal of the Day promotion, I want to thank all of you who participated and due to the response we've had, we're planning on doing it again next year.

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