Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fun Project - Wool Ball Ornaments

We recently found another way to use the very versatile wool roving. Not only can it be needle felted into a myriad at shapes, but it can also we wet felted. I'm including a couple of links to felting projects you might find of interest. The first is a link to the instructions on how to make these needle felted ornaments shown above.
by Joann's Fabrics:

The other project is for wet felting balls. These wet felted balls can be used as toys, beads, ornaments or even dryer balls. This can be a fun project to do with children, too, since the wet felting process does not use any needles.
This link is courtesy of Martha Stewart:
Note: I've used both these techniques and my personal favorite is to wet felt the initial ball and then needle felt a design on the ball using a different color roving, some wool felt and/or some wool yarn.
One ounce of our wool roving makes one wet felted ball about the size of a tennis ball. An ounce can also make 8-10 smaller wet felted balls measuring approximately 1+ inch in diameter.
We'll have more information and other new projects using wet felting in our December newsletter.

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