Thursday, November 25, 2010

Country Bumpkin Magazines Updates

Country Bumpkin just sent out their newsletter stating:
"Just a reminder that the magazines are no longer available from newstands."
That means you must get a subscription in order to get the magazine.
We offer subscriptions and also a 'drop ship' option, which means you sign up to get the magazines sent to you as they are released. You pay only for one magazine at a time and only when it is released.
They also note in their newsletter that they haven't sent out Inspirations 68 to their subscribers yet. If you normally like to pick up your magazine at a retailer, that option is now gone according to what they've posted, so don't be disappointed - sign up to get yours. You can do that on our website or via email.
Here's a link to the Country Bumpkin webletter for more details:

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