Thursday, March 25, 2010

Updates: new inventory.... lower prices....etc

It's time to update some of our previous blog posts. Here's what's new......

- We've been able to lower the price of Ottobre subscriptions due to the decline in the value of the Euro. Our website is in the process of being updated.

- Ottobre is re-printing the most popular issue ever - issue 1/2008 (children's spring issue from 2008). This will be a "limited edition issue" and not available as a free issue for new subscribers. It will be released in the next two weeks. We are already taking orders. Let us know if you want one.

- Our new order of Bohin needles has arrived. We have several 6-packs of chenille #22 needles for $3 a pack with free shipping. We have found chenille #22 best for embroidering with Appleton wools - both crewel and tapestry.
- Our wool blanketing dilemma has been resolved. We have found a new source for our 90" wool blanketing fabric and it's organic! Our first shipment should be arriving early in April.

- The next issue of Inspirations magazine will be released in early April. It will be issue #66. Here are some pictures of the projects you'll find in this issue.


Anonymous said...

What will be the nice price of the Ottobre for childrens' only? You mention it's being updated, but I don't know if the new price is showing yet or not. Thanks.

The Wooly Thread said...

I should have mentioned that. The 6-issue sub is down to $72 and the kid's only is down to $56. If the website doesn't show it yet, just make a note of it and I'll adjust it on my end.
If the Euro continues to decline, we'll keep lowering the price, but there is always the chance it will go up again - it's happened many times.

Mary Corbet said...

Ooooh - I'm looking forward to the new Inspirations!! I LOVE those frogs.