Friday, March 12, 2010

Bohin Needles

Bohin brand needles are new to me. I'd not heard of them until my Appleton supplier touted them so much, she offered to send me some free of charge if I would try them. She was convinced that once I tried them, I'd be sold on them and wouldn't want to use any other needle. Could this be true? I started researching these highly acclaimed hand embroidery/sewing needles and found lots of accolades, such as the following:

"I was totally amazed at how wonderful they are. I never thought you would notice the difference in needles but you do with these. They simply glide through your canvas.They are the only needles that I have been using. I totally recommend them."

The needles are here and they are unusually nice - very smooth and sharp.

We have #9 milliners/straw needles which are excellent for making bullion stitches and we also have #10 crewel needles - for crewel work - of course.

We'd like your feedback, so if you send us a self-addressed, stamped envelope, we'll send you a single needle to try - then we'd appreciate your feedback. This may just be the next addition to our regular inventory.


Mary Corbet said...

Hi, Jan! I love Bohin needles! They're terrific to work with! They aren't too widely available in the States, though a few places here and there carry them. Whenever I run across them in a needlework store, I buy up several packets in whatever sizes they have. I'm tempted to say they're my favorite needles, though right now, I'm working with #11 and #12 crewel needles by Pony. I haven't found embroidery needles beyond #10 by Bohin, but maybe they make them?

Anyway, just my two-cents' worth. Bohin makes a great needle!

Moonsilk Stitches said...

Hi, Jan: I found Bohin needles at the International Quilt Festival in Chicago a couple of years ago. I love them! I got a huge multipack with all sorts of needles plus some crewel needles (I like bigger needles than 10s for most things--more like a 6 or 7). They're great and I'm happy you're carrying them.

Martha said...

Jan, I LOVE these needles. I first used them in a class with Lyn Weeks. Those huge darners are great for picture smocking.

The Wooly Thread said...

OK, I'm convinced. I'll place my order Monday. Thanks for all the input.

sharonb said...

For what it is worth I always buy them at a big craft fair that does the rounds in Australia. I pick up a range of needles every year to use. They are a good product - I am not sure if I love them -a bit strong when talking about a bit of metal but they are great needles and I reach for them in preference