Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sold Out!

We had just been notified that Ottobre Design magazine issue 1/2008 (spring, 2008) is totally sold out. Not only are we sold out, but so is Ottobre - even the foreign language editions of this super popular issue are gone. I don't recall such a recent issue ever being completely sold out this quickly. It's been removed from our ebay store and when our web designer gets back from summer vacation, it will be removed from our regular website, as well, but wanted you blog readers to be first to know. If there is a back issue you want, don't delay!


Andrea said...

ow! So glad I bought this one! Its my most used so far :D

Jan said...

It is the first one I know of since 2002 that has totally sold out. If you have one....hold on to it!