Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ottobre Design - Summer issue

What a great smile this little girl has! I especially love the toothless look.
This is the cover of the soon-to-be released summer issue of Ottobre.
This magazine will be sent out the last week of the month, so be watching for it.
Here's what you will be seeing in this issue:
This issue includes forty (40) patterns for kids in sizes 62-170 cm.
BABIES IN A PEA POD - Sweet summer outfits for babies. Intense colors borrowed from garden produce ripening in the sun: rhubarb, carrot and raspberry. A little jacket, tunics, a dress, a shirt, T-shirts, jeans and a sunhat.Sizes 62–92 cm
VISITING GRANNY -Elegant special-occasion wear in vintage style for schoolchildren. Modernized sailor outfits for young children. Shirts, dresses, a skirt, shorts and a vest.Sizes 62–170 cm
ZOO OR JUNGLE - A safari-themed collection dedicated to little boys. The clothes are pepped up with animal motifs, using new techniques. A jacket, T-shirts, a shirt, shorts, bermudas and pants.Sizes 98–170 cm
TECHNICOLOR KIDS -Colorful outfits for the hottest days of the summer holiday: a T-shirt, a tunic, pants, dresses, sunwear and swimwear.Sizes 92–170 cm


Unknown said...

I agree! That smile is so sweet :)
It looks like this will be another great issue.
Happy Easter Jan!

The Wooly Thread said...

Thanks, Yvonne. Same to you!