Saturday, March 7, 2009

Vintage Ottobre and A-Z Books

We have a few of the very oldest Ottobre Design magazines dating back to the first year of publication. They are not in English, so keep that in mind if you decide you want one.
Here's what we have from the first years of publication:

- winter issue 2000 in Finnish (shown)
- spring issue 2001 in Finnish
- winter issue 2001 in German and Finnish
- summer issue 2002 in Finnish
- autumn issues 2002 in Dutch, German, and Finnish
- winter issues 2002 in German and Finnish

As for the A-Z books from Australia's Country Bumpkin......

we have some new offers on some older titles. We found a great deal of the A-Z of Flower Embroidery, so can offer it for just $15 - that's less than half the regular price. We also found a brand new paperback edition of A-Z of Knitting that we can offer for just $18, rather than the regular $33 price for the hard cover edition.

Let us know if you want any of these books or magazines and we'll send them to you.

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