Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Theo Chocolate

As most of your know, I am a huge chocolate fan. Now and then we find a great chocolate and want to share it with you.

Theo Chocolate is a fair trade, organic chocolate producer right here in Seattle. Their newest creation is the Jane Goodall dark chocolate (70% cocao) bar. But, this is more than a chocolate bar and it benefits far more than just the consumer (who gets to eat it) and the producer (who gets to sell it). Here is what Theo has to say about their newest creation:

The partnership between Theo and Jane Goodall is inspired by “Cocoa Practices,” a ground breaking Theo Chocolate initiative that brings together small scale cocoa farmers, larger producers and non-governmental organizations from the world’s cocoa producing regions. Cocoa Practices is designed to give farmers the tools they need to grow high-quality cocoa beans while conserving indigenous wildlife and other natural resources in the tropical rainforest eco-systems that provide both their livelihoods and their homes.

Proceeds from the sale of these chocolate bars will benefit cocoa farmers, promote conservation in the tropical rainforest and directly contribute to the Jane Goodall Institute’s efforts to save chimpanzees, develop community centered conservation efforts and direct youth education programs around the world.

We like this chocolate so much, we bought a case of it fresh and direct from the Theo Chocolate factory. If you'd like a bar or two - before I eat them all myself - just let us know. They aren't on our website just yet. They are $5 for a 3 ounce (84 gram) bar. Contact us for more details.

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