Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Price Reductions Once Again

I'm thrilled to once again announce that the prices for Ottobre Design magazine have been lowered again due entirely to the increase in the value of the US Dollar to the Euro. How great, too, that this this price decrease comes the same week as the newest issue (children's winter issue) is released. For more info on the new issue, scroll down to the October 8th post.

Here are the new prices for Ottobre subscriptions. They aren't on our regular website yet, but just mention our blog price announcement and you'll get the lower price.
6 issue subscription (women's and kids' magazines) - $65
4 issue subscription (kids only) - $50
2 issue subscription (women only) - $20

These are the lowest prices we've been able to offer in more than 2 years. Note: you can renew even if you are not yet due to renew.

These prices are valid until the exchanges rate changes - whether it be up or down.

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