Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Ribbon Colors

After numerous requests, we have finally added several new colors to our selection of this exquisite satin ribbon from Switzerland. It is 4 inches wide and double-sided. It is ideal for binding your blankets. You won't find a finer blanket binding anywhere.

The colors are from left to right:
butter cream, orchid, light pink, apple green, ivory, light blue, and beige.

They should all be available on our website shortly or you can contact us directly.

Price Reductions Once Again

I'm thrilled to once again announce that the prices for Ottobre Design magazine have been lowered again due entirely to the increase in the value of the US Dollar to the Euro. How great, too, that this this price decrease comes the same week as the newest issue (children's winter issue) is released. For more info on the new issue, scroll down to the October 8th post.

Here are the new prices for Ottobre subscriptions. They aren't on our regular website yet, but just mention our blog price announcement and you'll get the lower price.
6 issue subscription (women's and kids' magazines) - $65
4 issue subscription (kids only) - $50
2 issue subscription (women only) - $20

These are the lowest prices we've been able to offer in more than 2 years. Note: you can renew even if you are not yet due to renew.

These prices are valid until the exchanges rate changes - whether it be up or down.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Inspirations #60 - Surprise Early Arrival

I could hardly believe it when our newest order of Inspirations magazine arrived so-o-o early. I wasn't expecting it for another couple of weeks. We'll get them out to subscribers tomorrow. I ordered lots of extras, so let us know if you want one and we'll get it right out to you.

Here's a glimpse of what's in this issue:

Pocket Projects - mail art (something new to me) and Tetouan sachet
Infinity - elegant cushion
For Love of Knitting - stunning needle case
Hungarian Bouquet - Kalocsa style doily
Gone Fishing - amazing thread painted blanket
Nature's Larder - stumpwork brooch and pot
Jingle Bells - Christmas stocking
A Bush Christmas - koala Christmas decorations
Bundles of Joy - baby bags

As an added bonus to those of you who read our blog......

The first 3 people who sign up with us for a new subscription to Inspirations will get a copy of issue 59 for free. That means, you start your subscription with this new issue #60 and get the most recent back issue free - so you get 5 issues for the price of 4. A subscription costs $65 and that includes free shipping. Again, this offer applies only to the first 3 people who sign up.

These offers are only for blog readers and must mention that you saw it here to get the free back issue.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

More Pictures from the Winter Issue

We just got some more pictures to show you from the soon-to-be-released winter issue of Ottobre magazine. So, without further, ado.......

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ottobre Design Magazine - Children's Winter Issue

We just got the front cover picture of the newest Ottobre Design magazine - the children's winter issue.
Looks like another great issue and isn't it great that the prices are lower than they have been in over a year - thanks to the improved exchange rate with the Euro.
Our website has been updated with all the new (lower) pricing, but here it is again:

6-issue subscription (children's and women's issues)- $70
4-issue subscription (children's issues only) - $53
2-issue subscription (women's issues only) $21
single issues $15

As always, shipping is included in these prices.

This issue will be released October 24th - you can expect yours late the following week - and here's what you can expect....

This issue includes forty (40) patterns for kids in sizes 62-170 cm.

A collection for adventure-spirited moonwalkers: canvas pants, a
quilted vest, a trendy tweed jacket and a much-requested slim-fit shirt
for boys.
Sizes 92–170 cm

A lovely baby collection from soft materials: a romper and a T-shirt
from organic cotton and bamboo knit, tweed pants, wool-knit dresses and
soft faux fur jackets.
Sizes 62–92 cm

Little gnome girls and other forest inhabitants in their new winter
outfits: pretty tweed skirts, soft tops, a velour jacket,
a cape, a poncho, scarves and thick winter coats.
Sizes 92–128 cm

Beautifully cut clothes from luxurious fabrics with a lovely drape. A
viscose jersey top, a bolero jacket, a wool knit dress, a double-layer
skirt and a sporty quilted jacket. Corduroy pants, a T-shirt and a
sweater-knit jacket in plus sizes.
Sizes 128–170 cm

Friday, October 3, 2008

More Price Reductions for Ottobre.....

Considering all the economic turmoil, what a treat it is to see some prices actually going down. Due the the rise in the value of the US dollar again the Euro, we have once again been able to lower our prices of Ottobre Design magazine subscriptions.
The website has not yet been updated, but any orders placed will get the reduced price. So, for now a one-year subscription for both the children's and women's issues is $71. A subscription for just the children's issues is $54. Please keep in mind that if the exchange rate changes, our prices will, too. If you've been considering a subscription or a renewal, this might be a good time to get it.
As this information changes, we'll post about it.