Tuesday, August 26, 2008

German Blog Viewers - Herzlich Willkommen!

Over the past few weeks we have noticed numerous blog views by people in various parts of Germany - more than in the US sometimes. We are pleasantly surprised and want to welcome you to our blog. How and where did so many of you find out about us? We'd appreciate hearing from you.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

AS&E # 84 Has Arrived!

This issue sneaked up on us sooner than expected, but it's here. All pre-orders and subscriptions will be sent out tomorrow morning. There are extras, so if you want one, just let us know.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Great News - Lower Prices!!

It's been about 4 years since we started as the representative for Ottobre Design magazine. Ever since then the dollar has been dropping in value against the Euro, which means we have had to raise our prices several times to keep on a par with the actual price of the magazines. We always try to keep our US dollar prices equal to the Euro price. That means we have to watch the exchange rate and make our adjustments as they come along. For the past 4 years that has meant several price hikes and not one price reduction. The exchange rate was so poor last month, we didn't even make the adjustment up, hoping the rate would soon drop back down. Well, it has not only dropped enough for us not to have to institute another hike, but it has dropped enough so we can actually LOWER the prices of the magazines and subscriptions. A subscription for all 6 issues (women's and children's) has now dropped from $79 to $75. It was actually $81 at one point last month according to the actual exchange rate. If this trend continues, we'll be back with another price reduction.
How nice is this considering most everything else is going up right now.
Our website may take a day or two to get updated. If you order before the changes are posted, we'll make the adjustment for you.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ottobre Woman Cover

Ottobre Woman - fall/winter '08

I now have a cover picture for you. One of the earlier pictures I posted was chosen as the cover for this newest issue being released on August 29 - barely more than 2 weeks away. It sounds like a great issue. I am especially eager to see the wool items listed. Here's what's included:

This issue includes nineteen (19) patterns for women (European sizes 34-52) - A number of useful tunics, basic pants, dresses, skirts and tops sewn from the most fabulous fabrics and knits of the season in delicious colors.

A girlish viscose tunic, a snazzy button-front denim skirt and an elegant vintage dress sewn from luxurious muslin delaine.

Carefree daily wear at its best: a charming tunic from linen chambray, a plaid skirt in berry shades, a soft double-face knit jacket and casual cargo pants.

A beautiful viscose-jersey tunic, salt & pepper wool-tweed pants and a feminine pencil skirt. A sweet plaid pinafore dress, a raglan-sleeve T-shirt and a knit jacket.

BONJOUR HIVER (Hello Winter):
A romantic wool jacket, a graceful raglan-sleeve top sewn from wool jersey and every-woman’s basic plaid pants. A classic herringbone wool-tweed coat, a cowlneck tunic sweater, a crossover top with a collar and every-woman’s basic pants for curvy figures.